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The Bray Arts Journal

The Bray Arts Journal is a vital and essential part of Bray Artsí activities featuring the works of poets, writers and visual artists. Volumes 1 to 20 were produced in monthly issues up to October 2014.

No issues were published in July and August.

The format of the Journal changed from volume 21 onward as a larger document in a new format featuring more works of stories, art and poetry than before at less frequent intervals throughout the year.

Material for the next issue in Volume 25 is now being collected.

The Bray Arts Blog

Visit our blog to view the latest acts and share in the debate on important issues relating to artists, art and supporting structures and resources.

The Bray Arts Brochure Archive


Bray Arts Brochure archive is a collection of all the bray Arts brochures that appeared monthly up to June 2017, with prior news of monthly events. Production costs made it necessary to cease production of the brochure and its function was transferred to the Bray arts Blog.


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